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Who We Are

Professional Barbers

In the beginning of modern era, we are Alpha in this universe

Haircoolest Barbershop is the 1st and pioneer premium barbershop with modern metal concept in Indonesia. Our haven is located in Jakarta, we already cut & slash a lot of hair from 2019 with the best services ever for all Metalheads in the world.

A Metalheads with a practical needs are our target, therefore Haircoolest Barbershop gives a lot of different experience from any others, not only haircuts & hairwash but also shaving, trimming, dark mask, head & back massage, face scrub, ear flame, hair dye, refreshment, men’s hair products and a lot of alpha pack of grooming works as one stop solutions to increase your style even bolder than ever.

With no doubt, our weapons is a tools for high-rollers standard that makes the best insight for your bravest look. Of course, Haircoolest Barbershop will delegate you an intelligence, your bold spirit, guidelines, trustworhtyness & illumination about your style to face the world

To maximize your charisma, we proudly present our personal hair & body care from Haircoolest co.lab that formulated with selected secret ingredients for men. Our products are designed for you that brave to face the survival challenge out there.

You only live once, take your throne and taste a little piece of heaven on our sanctuary. “Pantang Pulang, Sebelum Ganteng”, Blessed be and Seize the day !

Konsep Modern Metal pertama di Indonesia

Buka dari jam 10 pagi – 10 malam

Harga yang sangat terjangkau

Pelayanan Bintang 5, harga kaki 5

Kualitas potongan rambut premium

Komplimentari gratis

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